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10MP Dome S10 Monochrome Radiology Display with Quadro 2000D

The Premium 10MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display.

10MP Dome S10 Monochrome Radiology Display with Quadro 2000D


The Dome S10 display enables the next great advancement for mammography with the brightness and speed for tomosynthesis. The S10 grayscale display is capable of showing two 5MP images for back-to-back chest wall reads.

10MP Dome S10 Monochrome Radiology Display with Quadro 2000D


  • Widescreen 10MP grayscale display
  • Ideal for mammography & tomosynthesis
  • Sleek, lightweight, low-power design
  • Quality image viewing without compromise


10-Bit Grayscale
The Dome S10 supports 10-bit and 8-bit grayscale image data through industry standard interfaces. Few other displays offer support for high bit-depth images, and those that do often require the use of proprietary libraries. Dome’s 10-bit data paths allow images with 1024 simultaneous shades of gray to display for the most demanding image viewing tasks.
The American College of Radiology recommends that “Protective shields on LCDs add to reflections and should not be used if possible.” Reflective glass can also reflect backwards onto the display blurring the diagnostic images. Some companies continue to believe adding reflective glass is a feature. We agree with the ACR, image quality comes first, so we don’t put reflective glass on our Dome S10 display.
Based on Dome’s patent pending sensor technology for optimum remote testing and validation. Our unique technology gives us precise measurements for quick and confident confirmation of DICOM conformance.
Dome S10 displays use intelligent engineering for sleek, low-power, fanless designs. No mechanical fans to fail or draw in dust which can cause electronics to fail prematurely. Lower power, lower heat, lower cost of ownership thanks to Dome’s unmatched engineering excellence.
Feather-Light Design
Quality engineering shows in the highly reliable and efficient Dome S10 display. It also shows in its physical design. Efficient cooling, low-power components, and intelligent electronics all contribute to a sleek and lightweight display. Feather light means engineered right!


Specifications may vary based on specific customized solution requirements.