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NEA FastAttach Electronic Attachments

For both large and small dental providers, claims with attachments continue to be one of the main contributors to lengthy claim processing delays and claim denials.

FastAttach vastly improves revenue cycles by allowing providers to efficiently transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, or any other documentation required by a payor to adjudicate a dental claim.

The Recognized Leader in Electronic Attachments
See how FastAttach can help get you paid faster.

FastAttach is the SIMPLE way to:

  • Eliminate Lost or Damaged Attachments
  • Improve Your Payment Cycle
  • Save on Postage and Printing Costs
  • Reduce Your Follow Up With Payors
  • Stop Sending Unnecessary Attachments With Claims

Here are some of your benefits to using FastAttach:

  • Reduce number of mailed claims with attachments (x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, digital photos, narratives, student ids, any other required information)
  • Send only required attachments
  • Patient attachment history
  • Attachments easily reviewed by home office personnel
  • Simple to implement and use at a very low cost
  • The stability of the NEA system means low maintenance and peace of mind for users
  • Expert customer service for any electronic attachment issues with payors.

NEA is the recognized leader in electronic attachments because it has:

  • More Experience
  • More Insurance Plansv
  • More Providers
  • More Software Interfaces
  • More Claims Clearinghouse Interfaces
  • More Flexibility

More convenience than any other attachment system in the dental industry.