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Health Data Explorer

As healthcare institutions increasingly move away from paper based processes, the ability to convert electronic documents and existing paper records into DICOM for transmission to PACS is essential to workflow. By extending the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat to fully interact within a DICOM environment, including DICOM Send, Receive, Query/Retrieve and Modality Worklist support, Health Data Explorer allows you to move any document to PACS, even with automatic patient demographics detection.

New in version 3.0

  • Automatic Patient Demographics Detection
    Acrobat can automatically search any PDF document for identifying patient information, even cross check it against your RIS or PACS.
  • JPEG2000 Wavelet Support
    Convert any document to a DICOM Secondary Capture image with wavelet support, with user definable compression up to 50:1.
  • Document Distribution List
    With one click distribute healthcare documents as DICOM, PDF, via E-Mail or even the Amazon S3 Cloud.
  • Batch Processing of DICOM Files
    Need to send five documents to PACS or 1,000,000 DICOM image files? Health Data Explorer can support batch file transfers.
  • Attach DICOM Images to PDF Files
    Use PDF as a secure container for moving DICOM images to those who need them. Now you can also review DICOM images as JPEG.
  • Authenticated Verification of Reports
    Now you can log-in to a secure user account from inside Acrobat allowing you to mark any DICOM Encapsulated PDF report as verified.
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Support
    Securely store and retrieve DICOM Encapsulated PDF files and DICOM images to and from the Amazon S3 Cloud.
  • Direct eFilm Support
    1-click support for Merge eFilm using Acrobat as a reporting back end, complete with key images and patient demographics.