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Lucis Pro

Lucis is the trade name for Differential Hysteresis Processing, a patented image-enhancement process originally developed to enhance detail in scanning electron microscope images. Use Lucis-pro to go from slightly increased detail all the way to an HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect, and you can do it quickly and easily. Lucis® Pro is an Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in. Two sliders. Amazing image enhancement results. No learning curve.

The Enhance Detail Slider

As you move the slider to the left you go from sharpening to HDR effects to extreme detail. Lucis enhances differences as small as 3 intensity levels throughout the image.

The Smooth Detail Slider


As you move the slider to the right you go from noise reduction to watercolor effects to surreal effects.

Use both sliders to pull out contrast patterns and create all kinds of effects.

Lucis Pro

Lucis Pro

Split Channel Mode

Apply these two sliders to each RGB channel separately to really refine contrast and create artistic effects.

There are other controls if you want to do more. Check out the UI.