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Patient Gallery X-Ray

PatientGallery has everything you need to bring digital imaging into your Dental or Medical Practice. Expand your Practice Management System with access to the most sophisticated digital imaging technology available. PatientGallery integrates images from many diverse sources into one robust database.

  • Capture images from digital cameras, x-ray sensors, intra-oral cameras and desktop scanners.
  • Display, print and email images from any computer in your office.
  • Create dynamic case presentations, customizable slide show scripts and display templates.
  • Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with x-ray analysis tools designed to make the most out if your digital and film based equipment.
  • Create cosmetic simulations with a wide array of image editing tools designed to easily integrate your digital photography with the Smile Library.
  • Import and export functions allow you to easily share images with other applications.
  • PatientGallery Bridge links your imaging system to many popular Practice Management Systems.
  • PatientGallery’s document management tools will help you achieve a paperless office.
  • Share images between offices with PatientGallery’s synchronization tools.


PatientGallery Configurations

PatientGallery may be purchased in different configurations to accommodate your needs. You can start with PatientGallery BASIC and add modules and workstations as your practice grows.

  • PatientGallery BASIC
  • PatientGallery DESIGNER
  • PatientGallery XRAY
  • PatientGallery COMPLETE

All of the products listed are provided in single user, stand-alone configuration. PatientGallery MULTI-USER allows you to access images from any computer in your office using standard Windows peer-to-peer networking.

Database (networkable)YesYesYesYes
Backup/Restore Patient/Program DataYesYesYesYes
Practice Management BridgeYesYesYesYes
Image Search EngineYesYesYesYes
Templates – CustomizableYesYesYesYes
Dual MonitorsYesYesYesYes
Slide ShowsYesYesYesYes
Contact SheetsYesYesYesYes
Printing – Customizeable FormatsYesYesYesYes
Email/Export/Burn CDYesYesYesYes
Document Processing – Flatbed scanner/ADFYesYesYesYes
Image Adjustment – Color/Resize/Crop/Rotate/…YesYesYesYes
Digital Cameras – Flash cards, USBYesYesYesYes
Video Cameras – Intra-oral/Arthroscopic/MicroscopeYesYesYesYes
Video Movie Cllips (*Add-on Module)YesYesYesYes
Smile LibraryYesYes
Cosmetic SimulationsYesYes
Smile ReplacementYesYes
Veneer ReplcementYesYes
Photo RetouchingYesYes
X-ray Intra-Oral SensorsYesYes
Panoramic/Cephalometric DevicesYesYes
Phosphor Plate ScannersYesYes
Transparency scanners – Automatic X-ray FormattingYesYes
X-ray Enhancement ToolsYesYes
X-ray Diagnostic ToolsYesYes
X-Ray HistoryYesYes


PatientGallery BASIC

PatientGallery BASIC is the core product which provides the basic image database system. This configuration is appropriate for offices that need to manage images in a patient-oriented environment but do not need specific x-ray, cosmetic or photo- retouching tools.

BASIC comes with a image editor which allows you to adjust color, annotate, resize, crop and rotate images acquired from digital cameras, video cameras and flatbed scanners.

BASIC supports TWAIN, DirectX and flash card-type devices.


PatientGallery DESIGNER

PatientGallery DESIGNER has all of the features in PatientGallery BASIC plus photo retouching and cosmetic simulation. DESIGNER is a powerful case-acceptance tool which enables you to simulate cosmetic procedures graphically for your patients.

DESIGNER provides photo retouching, bleaching, color/gradient matching, blending, warping, smile and veneer replacement and smile library management.

The Smile Library is included with DESIGNER. You can customize the images, add new ones and integrate third party libraries.

PatientGallery is fully compatible with the Lorin Library from Digident which features a comprehensive Smile Library and companion Smile Style Guide.

DESIGNER is streamlined to provide full facial restoration without the complexity of most commercial photo retouching programs. The software has been designed with the dental/medical practitioner in mind.


PatientGallery XRAY

PatientGallery XRAY has all of the features in PatientGallery BASIC plus direct capture from digital x-ray sensors and diagnostic/enhancement tools. XRAY supports a wide range of industry standard devices which can be combined from different manufacturers.

X-rays can be automatically mounted into templates which are easily customized to fit your practice. Templates maintain examination dates, tooth numbers and notations associated with each x-ray.


PatientGallery COMPLETE

PatientGallery COMPLETE combines BASIC, DESIGNER and XRAY into one package. All of the features of PatientGallery are available throughout your practice.


Multi-User Configuration

PatientGallery MULTIUSER can be optionally added to BASIC, DESIGNER, XRAY or COMPLETE to support multiple computers on your computer network. Images are stored on a central server and can be accessed from different locations simultaneously. Print, scan, email, display anywhere in your office.

MULTIUSER uses peer-to-peer networking or virtual terminals to share images. The number of users is only limited by your network configuration.



Digital Photography

Digital photography can be easily integrated into your practice with a modest equipment investment. We will help you achieve professional quality portraits and diagnostic images with any type of equipment. Photography training is available as part of the basic PatientGallery support program. We use your own images to demonstrate camera, lighting, background and software enhancement techniques.

PatientGallery BASIC provides simple software tools for acquiring, editing, printing, emailing and archiving digital photographs. PatientGallery DESIGNER adds photo retouching and cosmetic enhancements which rival any commerical digital photography product on the market.


Document Management

PatientGallery provides many tools to scan and manage your paper documents and films. Flatbed scanners which support Auto Document Feeders and Transparency Adapters are relatively inexpensive. They interface to your PC and make it possible to convert all of your historical data to digital files. The information can be backed up on digital media and safely stored offsite.

In order to search, display, print and email paper records easily, the records need to be categorized with dates and notations when they are scanned. PatientGallery provides tools for automating this process.


Medical Applications

PatientGallery has been used by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Arthroscopic Surgeons and Veterinarians. Although originally designed for Dental Practioners, it is well suited to any medical practice that uses digital cameras, video cameras (i.e. microscopes, arthroscopic devices, camcorders,etc.) and scanners.

The database is generalized to handle any type of patient information and descriptive elements can be easily customized for any type of practice.



PatientGallery connects the widest range of Practice Management Systems, cameras, sensors and scanners in the industry. As your image database grows, we provide access to new products, building on the training and knowledge you have accumulated. In many cases, the software can be dynamically configured to connect to new products without a software upgrade.