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TigerView NDT Digital X-Ray

CAD/CAM Services Recommends TigerView NDT Digital X-ray when you move to digital.

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When you’re ready to move to a fully digital system, you need imaging software for viewing and storing images.

Telever’s TigerView proprietary adaptive image processing routine ensures the best image quality.

Window leveling NDT measurements allow complete control of image display.

  • Diagnostic QualityDisplay crystal clear images.
    • NDT digital x-rays provide high-resolution images from your digital system. Unparalleled diagnostic quality.
  • Incomparable Ease of UseMinimal training required.
    • TigerView automatically optimizes for excellent image quality, and digitally displays each image as it is acquired. TigerView manipulations allow for rotation, magnification and NDT measurements of images with simple tools.
  • Multi-Room Image DisplayFast access.
    • TigerView networking allows digital images to be displayed and viewed in multiple areas that are equipped with PC’s immediately after they have been scanned.
  • Optional TigerView ModulesAccommodates other image sources.
  • TigerView will manage other types of medical images including:
    • Video clips
    • Digitized historic x-ray film
    • Still frame video images
    • Color digital camera images
  • Direct Control of:
    • CR/DR devices
    • Flatbed scanners and digitizers
    • Digital cameras
    • Video sources
    • DICONDE send/receive with auto-rotating
    • DICONDE CD/DVD burning
    • Why Choose TigerView NDT?
  • Why Choose TigerView NDT?
    • Advanced algorithms provide excellent image quality
    • DICONDE compliant for image management and storage
    • Capture and analyze high resolution, 16-bit images
    • CD burning with full image viewer included
    • Industry specific integrated measurements
    • including pipe wall
    • Communicate DICONDE images via encrypted IP
    • Advanced search capabilities by date, image type, exposure and more
    • Fully staffed U.S. technical support center (M-F, 7am – 6pm CST)
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements:
    • CPU: Intel Conroe E6750 (2.66 Ghz) or better
    • RAM: 4 GB or higher
    • Optical Drive: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM 8x or higher
    • Hard Drive: 80 MB of free disk space for program files, 4200 RPM or higher, 8 MG Cache or higher
    • Monitor: 1024×786 resolution minimum. 1280 x 1024, or higher, recommended
    • VGA: IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) 9500 GT
    • Keyboard/Mouse: Standard keyboard and mouse
    • Backup Device: We recommend daily, redundant back-ups of the software database and images. Consult your IT professional for a back-up and recovery strategy. Test the backups regularly. Tape or drive capacity should be greater than the space designated for image storage on server.
    • Surge Protector: Recommended
    • Printer: Recommended. 720 DPI or higher inkjet or photo printer. LaserJets are NOT recommended.
    • USB Port: USB 2.0 or higher
    • Network: Not required. If used, use at least a 100 mbps Ethernet network, Microsoft Client/Server topology
    • Operating System: Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8 – *hardware compliance varies, ask us for details
    • EMR Bridges: Please refer to the Bridges sheet. Note that we are continually adding to our bridge list using our TigerLink bridging program as well as internal EMR bridges.
    • Not Supported: Windows Vista, Terminal Services, Wireless Network