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VIDAR CadPro Advantage

Ideal for Mammography CAD.

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Normal Price : $29,995



The CAD PRO™ Advantage x-ray film digitizer has been specifically designed for mammography CAD.
Mammography CAD systems incorporate advanced pattern recognition and image analysis capabilities
designed to aid in the detection of subtle signs of breast cancer. These systems enable
radiologists to improve their ability to detect early stage cancers in an efficient manner.

A key component of these CAD systems is a high performance film digitizer that meets the highest
standards of image quality and reliability. VIDAR has filed three patents related to its CAD PRO
Advantage technology. Each of these patents applies to critical product attributes such as image
quality, reliability, and system throughput. Additionally, VIDAR’s ADC™ (Automatic Digitizer
Calibration) prompts the film digitizer to calibrate automatically before every film digitized.
Therefore, user intervention is not needed for this operation.

The CAD PRO Advantage offers a modular SmartFeeder® with the option of either a 50 or 100 sheet
film feeder. The advanced design of VIDAR’s SmartFeeder eliminates film jams, double feeds, and
film pick-up problems that occur with other digitizers. Most importantly, the CAD PRO Advantage
feeder is designed for continuous case loading. This feature allows the user to add cases without
interrupting the digitizing process. In addition, the CAD PRO Advantage is able to digitize
a four-film case in less than 120 seconds – twice the speed of most other digitizers on the market.

Customer Benefits:

  • Quickly digitize film-based prior studies when coupled with appropriate software
  • Uses the DICOM MG standard to identify the specific mammography view contained on each film
  • Prior studies are correctly displayed on the reporting workstation alongside the newly acquired digital mammography study
  • Clinically proven image quality and consistency
  • Ideal for mammography facilities transitioning to FFDM
  • Improves productivity and workflow
  • World-class reliability, service and support

Part Number Description Price
16315 CAD PRO Advantage™ Film Digitizer $29,995
* Specify a Power Cord
4043-001 US 110 Volt power cord N/C
2104-006 European 220 Volt power cord N/C
4636-001 China power cord N/C
USB 2.0 Data Interface Components
4618 USB 2.0 Cable A male to B male
For use with software certified as VIDAR USB 2.0 compatible


Delivery: 30 days