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VIDAR DosimetryPro Advantage

VIDAR has an 85% worldwide film digitizer market share. Learn why

Ideal for QA and IMRT

VIDAR’s DosimetryPRO® Advantage is a specifically developed digitizer that meets the specific needs for
those using popular standard film such as Carestream’s Kodak EDR2 and film chemistry, as well as for
those who use International Specialty Products’ GAFCHROMIC EBT.

The VIDAR DosimetryPRO Advantage for Film Dosimetry, QA and IMRT allows radiation physicists and oncologists to measure
the consistency and precision of treatment beams they need for cancer therapy. The fast growing use of radiochromic film
in Film Dosimetry, QA and IMRT has increased the need for an accurate medical-grade device that utilizes red-spectrum light.
With the industry moving to eliminate film chemistry from modern cancer centers, VIDAR’s state-of-the-art DosimetryPRO
was designed to meet the exacting needs for using radiochromic film in beam analysis and related applications

Customer Benefits

  • Supports GAFCHROMIC EBT film dosimetry
  • Improves productivity and consistency
  • Ideal for use in QA and IMRT
  • World-class reliability, service and support