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Vscan NDT Pro

The Vidar NDT is now Vscan!

This new Vscan is the Vidar NDT – it is still made by 3DS, and serviced by 3DS.

Vscan NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer is specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the non-destructive test market. It addresses the unique needs of aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial testing with a lower-cost alternative to the expensive laser scanners currently used throughout the industry.

The NDT PRO offers the industry a product that is lighter, has a smaller footprint, and handles film as small as 2.36″ wide and up to 51″ long. Additionally, it contains Vscan’s well-known High Definition CCD (HD-CCD™) solid state technology, as well as its unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature. This feature makes certain there is virtually no variation in image quality and ensures excellent grayscale reproduction in every image.


Features & Benefits

  • HD-CCD solid-state technology
  • NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer Features & Benefits
  • Removable/field replaceable LED long-life light source .05 to 4.0 OD, based on ISO 14096
  • 11 line pairs per mm with geometric accuracy better than 1% or two pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes
  • Handles film from 2.36″ to 14″ wide by 8″ to 51″ long
  • Digitize up to 25 mixed-sized films in batch mode, allowing more productivity and greater efficiency

Download PDF : NDT Digital X-Ray

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Vscan NDT Pro works best with Image-Pro Plus — powerful 2D and 3D image processing, enhancement, and analysis software with extensive measurement and customization features.