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X-Ray Film Scanning Services

We digitize all types of X-Rays and support allmost any PACS systems. We have the experience of scanning 500,000 x-rays per job. Outsource your high volume x-ray scanning projects to us.

Electronic Medical Records

Accurate and rapid conversion services from paper charts and files to digital images and indexed data allowing you to focus on your clinical and business priorities. We also offer healthcare information management services.

free-trial-account Try our Radiology Services Online for Storage, Management,
and Distribution of Medical Imaging Data.
CAD/CAM Services is a part of the Federal Supply Schedule
CAD/CAM Services, Inc. is a part of the Federal Supply Schedule under contract number GS-00F-0046L.
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CAD/CAM Services medical division is the industry leader in medical scanning technology.

  • Oncology, IMRT, Treatment Planning
  • PACS, Remote Primary Diagnoses, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Mammography CAD
  • Teleradiology and Remote Primary Diagnosis
Radiology Services Online - comprehensive web-based storage, exchange, and interpretation of images for radiology providers

Radiology Services Online

helps you maintain digital and digitized images, maintain and track patient information, create and issue radiology reports, manage and maintain billing for your service. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers a proven Cloud application that replaces the need for expensive PACS equipment.